About region

Beautiful landscapes by the Bug River, unique places of religious cult and interesting sights give the Podlasie Region a charm of its own. It is the “Polish Orient”, where tall church roofs soar next to round domes of Orthodox churches. The cultural landscape is completed by historic sights of Mielnik, Drohiczyn, Siemiatycz and the nearby areas (e.g. the Holy Mountain of Grabarka), mysterious mound burial grounds, bunkers of the Molotov Line as well as numerous reserves and protected landscape areas.

Thanks to the picturesque location along the Bug River, large forest complexes, as well as clean natural environment, the Siemiatycze Poviat is a perfect place for relaxation. A wide range of accommodation options tailored to various needs of tourists, equipment rental, tourist routes and numerous regular events guarantee unforgettable experience in the picturesque Bug River Valley.