Border Area

Some parts of the district of Siemiatycze are called the ‘Border Area’. In this area you may see uniformed or not uniformed Border Patrol officers. Officers may stop a vehicle for control purposes , ask for your ID or other personal documents as well as ask about the purpose or character of your visit in the border area or near the border of the country. They may also control the vehicle’s technical condition and its equipment (for example, fire extinguisher, car warning triangle, baby car seat).

“COUNTRY BORDER” is marked by the boundary posts – Polish and Belarusian, located within a few hundred metres along the bordert. As you enter the country border area, you will see an information board saying: “BORDER OF THE COUNTRY. CROSSING PROHIBITED”. Before the actual border of the country, there is a “Border Strip”, 15 metres wide, labelled with the signs saying “BORDER STRIP NO TRESPASSING”.

Shall there be any problems with your stay in the border area, you can contact the Border Patrol Office in Mielnik, ul. Królewska 48B, 17-307 Mielnik, tel. +48 85 655 92 20, mobile phone: +48 797 337 552, fax +48 85 655 92 25.


When you are close to the Belarusian border, mobile phones tend to “catch” Belarusian mobile networks. Therefore, phone calls and text messages sent in such a situation are charged according to the roaming fees, being far more expensive than the local calls. Thus, it is advisable to check which mobile network are you connected to before taking any actions.

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