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The Nadbużańskie Podlasie Region lies in the south-east of Poland, in the middle of the historic land of Podlasie, at the meeting point of three voivodeships: Podlasie, Masovian and Lublin Voivodeships. Important transportation routes that connect the south and north of Poland meet here...


Beautiful landscapes by the Bug River, unique places of religious cult and interesting sights give the Podlasie Region a charm of its own. It is the “Polish Orient”, where tall church roofs soar next to round domes of Orthodox churches. The cultural landscape is completed by historic sights...


From the remotest ages the Podlasie Nadbużańskie area has been a cultural borderland, where influences of many religions, cultures and nationalities meet. The early Middle Ages (600-1251 AD) was a period of a dense town network construction by the Bug River and the time of Mielnik and...

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