Prowała Mountain (Bazylko’s Mountain)



  • Adres: Moszczona Królewska
Prowała Mountain is connected by tradition to the miraculous icon of Spas Izbawnik (Christ the Savior and Salvator). In the history of Mielnik the 12th and the 14th century are periods of numerous invasions. During the times of danger months searching for shelter were running away with the icon towards the Mielnik Primeval Forest where they found a spring at the bottom of the mountain (today called Prowała). They built a wooden Orthodox Church of the Mother of God. Before the I World War a follower named Bazylko took care of the Mountain. In order to escape from the Germans, he headed towards the middle of Russia where he was ordained a priest. After the war he came back as a monk and every day, in the morning and in the evening, he climbed the summit to pray passionately and worship the icon of Spas Izbawnik.

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