Statue of Duchess Anna Jabłońska from the House of Sapieha



  • Adres: ul. Plac Jana Pawła II, 17-300 Siemiatycze, Siemiatycze
A brass statue of Duchess Anna from 2014. Anna Paulina Jabłonowska from the House of Sapieha (1728 - 1800) – a duchess, an economist, a collector, a patron of the science and arts, an efficient administrator of her property. She built hospitals and factories, wishing to improve the health and financial status of her subjects. In order to standardize the duties of her subjects and officials, she developed General Acts for my property administrators (1785-1786). She inherited property in Podlasie, Lubelszczyzna and Volhynia, she was called a Lady of Siemiatycze and Kock. She changed the impoverished Siemiatycze into a lively economic and cultural center of Siemiatycze state. She built a town hall, a printing house, a midwives school, a hospital and workshops, creating an important trade center in the region. She organized a benefit and loan scheme for peasants. She would invite foreign scholars, gather a large collection of books and rich collections of natural history, one of the best in Europe of that time.

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