John Paul II Diocesan Museum in Drohiczyn



  • Adres: ul. Kraszewskiego 4, 17-312 Drohiczyn, Drohiczyn
  • Telefon: +48856565780
The museum has its office in the post-Franciscan monastery from the late 17th century and the beginning of the 18th century. The collections are placed in a few rooms, among which there is a room dedicated to the Pope with a chair on which John Paul II sat in 1999 in Drohiczyn, with paintings, commemorative medals and coins, special events and postcards. In other rooms, you can see church equipment, including chalices, reliquaries, magnificent decorated monstrances of the families of Jabłonowski, Sapieha and Radziwiłł, cross reliquaries, trays, candlesticks, richly decorated and embroidered chasubles, historical sculptures and paintings, as well as original royal documents signed by Władysław IV, Jan Kazimierz and August II.

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