Park in Siemiatycze



  • Adres: Pl. Jana Pawła II, 17-300 Siemiatycze, Siemiatycze
In the past there was a Market Square with a Town Hall in place of the park. By an order Duchess Anna Jabłońska in 1772 the old, wooden, dilapidated, Renaissance Town Hall was demolished that stood there from the times of Katarzyna Tęczyńska (the 16th century). In this place, in the middle of the Market Square, the Duchess ordered construction of a large two-story building that combined the seat of town authorities with market stalls. It had four wings that surrounded a rectangular yard. The Tows Hall was destroyed in 1941 by Germans. Nowadays there is a statue of Duchess Jabłońska in the park as well as a fountain on which a crib is placed during Christmas.

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