Saint Stanislaus Church in Milejczyce



  • Adres: ul. Kościelna 1, 17-332 Milejczyce, Milejczyce
  • Telefon: +48856579021
In 1529 King Sigismund I funded a wooden Church of St. Sigismund, St. Bishop and Martyr Stanislaus and St. Nicholas. In 1556 the church was dismantled and in its place a new one was constructed, which burnt down during the “Swedish Deluge”. The present church was built after 1650 and renovated in the years: 1782, 1829 and 1856. After the fall of the January Uprising it was closed by the Russian occupant in 1865 and turned into an Orthodox church. It was returned to the Catholics in 1919. The parish was erected again on 4 July 1921 by Archbishop Jerzy Matulewicz, Bishop of Vilnius (1918-1925). In the corner of the cemetery there is a two-story wooden bell tower of a pole-frame structure, built in 1740. Next to the church there is a wooden presbytery constructed around the year 1900.

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