Soviet Cemetery in Milejczyce



  • Adres: Przy trasie nr 693 w kierunku na Kleszczele, Milejczyce
The cemetery was established in 1949 in the place where on 20 July 1944 a Soviet-German battle took place. Soviet soldiers who died between 1941 and 1944 in battles near Czeremcha, Drohiczyn, Siemiatycze, Milejczyce and Mielnik, in total 1614 people, were buried here. Some of the killed were initially buried near the above-mentioned towns. In the central part of the cemetery there is a statue in the form of a concrete elevation with a sculpture of two palms rising from the ground. It is a sculpture by Jerzy Grygorczuk from Białystok. Below it an inscription was placed: “To heroic soldiers of the Soviet Army who died fighting with Nazism in the years 1941-1944. May their memory be blessed”. To the right of the sculpture there is a metal Orthodox cross. Mass graves bear granite plaques on which surnames of identified soldiers were listed in addition to the number of unidentified soldiers.

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