Bunker Trail



  • Dystans: 61.5 km
  • Suma podejść: 712 m
  • Suma zejść: 764 m



  • Kolor: Żółty

The trail begins at the PKS bus station in Wólka Nabużna and leads to the south-east through a young pine forest, at the edge of which there are graves of residents of Słochy Annopolskie killed in 1941. The sandy road leads to the crossroads near the “Kmicic” Inn (4 km). From there we follow a road towards Mielnik. On the way, we come across remains of a cemetery at which soldiers killed during the I World War were buried. The trail turns into a gravel road (right) leading to the village of Turna Duża. Before the village, we turn (left) to a path along a gravel pit and after 3 km we reach the village of Anusin.
In Anusin, near the village we can find bunkers from 1940-41, behind the village - graves of two soldiers killed in 1939. Leaving Anusin, we turn eastwards to, having walked 800 m, reach a ramification where we turn south-east. On the way we see numerous bunkers. In the village of Olendry, historic wooden houses, behind the village - an interesting railway bridge erected by a czarist engineer - Fronołów. In Maćkowice, on both sides of the nearby railway line - partially devastated Soviet bunkers. On the way, we visit Osłowo and Zagórze, finally reaching Mielnik.

dystans (km) wysokość m n.p.m.