Saint Roch’s Church in Miłkowice Maćki



  • Adres: Miłkowice Maćki 40, 17-312 Drohiczyn, Miłkowice Maćki
  • Telefon: +48856551005
A corner stone used to construct the church was consecrated in 1811 by Father Teofil Caroli, Rector of the Piarist College and a Drohiczyn parish priest. Its funder was the landlord of Minczewo - Jan Augustryn Smorczewski. Inside the church there is a historic pulpit from the 17th century. Next to the church, at the church graveyard, there is a tomb chapel of the Smorczewki family (built in 1822) and a chapel from the 1st half of the 18th century.

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