Building of High School in Siemiatycze



In 1928 the purpose of celebrate decades of recover independence of Poland, the City Council of Siemiatycze decide to build a school. Participation of the country under construction was negligible. Building was created only in social action. In 1935 he was already under the roof, the works on the ground floor and the first floor were already finished. In the september next year all of the children of the elementary school began their education in the new one. During the II World War building of the school held various functions which were dependent of Soviet and German occupant decisions. Through a few weeks was housed here a Soviet field hospital. The 1 september of 1944 initiated works on six-year high school (4 years of middle school and 2 years of high school) under the name State Middle and High School in Siemiatycze, which received for use the second floor. On the ground floor and first floor existed primary school. From 1966 the school functioned already as high school in Siemiatycze, which the 17 of june 1973 received name National Education Commission and banner founded by parental committee.

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Czeremcha – Siemiatycze Trail
Czeremcha – Siemiatycze Trail