Podlasie Memorial Mound



  • Adres: ul. Jana Pawła II, 17-312 Drohiczyn, Drohiczyn
It was established in the place where ecumenical service was celebrated by John Paul II on 10 June 1999. It was built to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the Polish Pope’s stay in Drohiczyn. Ceremonially unveiled and consecrated in 2009. It was made of a few hundred tons of soil brought by believers and people from the Diocese of Drohiczyn and the neighboring dioceses. The Mound is almost 10 m high. It is topped by a replica of a cracked cross, combined into one figure by the arms of crucified Christ and St. Peter’s fishing net. The cracked cross symbolizes divisions in Christianity. More than 2.5-ton-heavy, 10-meter-long metal cross with a 2.6-meter statue of Christ is facing the town.

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