Merchant's Trail

Distance: 78.0 km
MERCHANTS’ TRAIL – western part (yellow signs, length 40 km)

A panoramic view of the Bug river can be seen from the starting point of the trail. On the road, we will see many shelters of diversified construction. We move towards the Arbasy Duże village (1,5km), where we can see a brick/stone chapel from the 18th century and vintage houses. Then we move to ŚLEDZIANÓW (4km), where Ss.. Peter and Paul church complex, few farmhouses and wooden buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries can be seen, and reach WIERZCHUCA NAGÓRNA (7km), where few interesting wooden buildings are located.
After leaving the village, the trail goes North-East and walking by the road, we reach Putkowice Nadolne, where we turn North-West and following the way going through the forest we reach Chutkowice and then Chorołowice. Passing by the villages, we move South-Westward and reach the road near the bridge on the Bug river in Tonkiele. Passing by the PKS bus stop we go along the road, and then following the lane we reach Minczewo. Moving along towards Runice we can see numerous shelters on the surrounding field. We move South-Eastwards through the new oak forest and reach Runice. Then we go all the way to Drohiczyn (25km), next, passing by the Bujaki village, we reach Krupice. Craters left after the German V2 rockets, cemetery from the 3rd – 4th centuries, Medieval borough, chapel from the 19th century can be found in the village. Leaving this place, the trail goes all along to Siemiatycze.

MERCHANTS’ TRAIL – eastern part (yellow signs, length 40km)

SIEMIATYCZE emerged in the 15th century as the centre of the royal goods. In 1542 Siemiatycze was granted civic rights. The town has a rich historical past. All in all, there is a wide range of interesting monuments in Siemiatycze (see page), reservoir on the Mahomet and Kamionka rivers with guarded beach and water equipment rental. Then through Słowiczyn (2,5km) to Baciki Bliższe (5km), where we can find the remains of the demesne from the beginning of the 20th century. Through Sycze we reach Holy Mountain Garbarka (see page.), from where, through the Końskie Mountains (13,5km) we then go along until we reach Radziwiłłówka (17km), a village established in 1576.  In the close surroundings of the village the following can be found: small miraculous spring  Sidzionka, located westward from the trail near the road toward Moszczona Królewska. Through Grabowiec and Mielnik we reach Wajków.
GRABOWIEC (20km), MIELNIK (22km), WAJKÓW – formerly the suburban areas of Mielnik, currently a holiday settlement . The trail follows the path on the foot of the hill all the way to Sutno. During the walk, you can marvel at the panoramic view of the Bug river, it is also worthy to stop for a while and observe numerous bird species living here. We reach Sutno (32km) through the scarp above the Bug river’s oxbow. On this scarp the 16-century manor, damaged in 1939, was located. Nowadays, only the remains of the access alley and the park are left. From Sutno the trail goes to Niemirów village, approached by us near the church. 
NIEMIRÓW (39km) with the spatial arrangement from the 17th century, saint Stanislaus Bishop parish church complex.

Saint Stanislaus the Bishop and Martyr in Niemirów Monument to the Residents of Niemirów and Mielnik Land fighting for Independence of Poland Erratic boulder - natural monument Sessile oak - natural monument Open pit chalk mine in Mielnik “Uszeście” Nature Reserve Church of the Transfiguration of the Lord in Mielnik Castle Hill in Mielnik Sessile oak - natural monument Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Mielnik Former presbytery in Mielnik Graveyard Chapel of Our Caring Lady in Mielnik Castle Church Ruins in Mielnik “The Bug Valley” Protected Landscape Area Prowała Spring Prowała Mountain (Bazylko’s Mountain) "Grąd Radziwiłłowski” Nature Reserve Orthodox Monastery Complex in Grabarka Historic cross in Siemiatycze Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Siemiatycze Missionaries Monastery Complex in Siemiatycze Small-leaved lime - natural monument John Paul II Statue Siematycze Cultural Center Gallery Park in Siemiatycze Former Talmudic House of the Siematycze Jewish Community in Siemiatycze Statue of Duchess Anna Jabłońska from the House of Sapieha Orthodox Church of St. Peter and Paul the Apostles in Siemiatycze Evangelic Graveyard Chapel in Siemiatycze St. Anna Graveyard Chapel in Siemiatycze Former primary school in Rogawka Graveyard Orthodox Church of The Image of Savior Painted Not by a Human Hand in Rogawka Jewish Graveyard in Drohiczyn Franciscan Monastery Complex in Drohiczyn Jesuit Monastery Complex in Drohiczyn A Baroque Benedictine Church of All Saints in Drohiczyn A classicistic Nicholas the Wonderworker Orthodox Church in Drohiczyn John Paul II Diocesan Museum in Drohiczyn Molotov Line of Fortifications in Drohiczyn The Castle Hill in Drohiczyn Podlasie Memorial Mound Obelisk at the Pope John Paul II landing place Aviators Monument The Home Army Monument 3 May Constitution Monument Obelisk commemorating the city’s 900th anniversary Baroque Chapel in Drohiczyn Saints Peter and Paul Church Complex in Śledzianów Roadside Chapel in Arbasy