Franciscan Monastery Complex in Drohiczyn

Drohiczyn , ul. Kraszewskiego 4, 17-312 Drohiczyn
tel.: +48856557080
The complex embraces a church, a bell tower and a monastery. 1.The Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary built in the place of a wooden church from 1400 AD. Construction of the present-day Baroque church lasted from 1682. In the interiors a Loretto Chapel from 1695 with a rococo altar from 1774 and a stuccoed main altar from 1762-64. The altars by rainbow-shaped pillars: the left one with a painting depicting St. Antonio’s Vision from 1775, the right one with a painting of St. Francis from 1774. On the rainbow-shaped facing south, there is a classicistic altar from 1780. At the north aisle closure there are relicts of a masonry Baroque altar. 2.The Franciscan Monastery built between 1737 and 1751, funded by chief warrant officer of the Bielsk land - Marcin Kuczyński (1663-1751). After its dissolution in 1832, barracks were established in it. In 1889 it was rebuilt into a school. Nowadays, it is devoid of any style-specific characteristics. 3.A bell tower from around 1770 in the late Baroque style built according to the design by Kazimierz Kamieński