Southern Podlasie Motor Vehicle Trail

Distance: 135 km

A motor vehicle trail which allows automobile users to meet the most charming and worth seeing places of the Sourthern Podlasie region.

The trail begins in Drohiczyn and leads through Olendry, Maćkowicze, Osłowo, Mielnik, Sutno, Niemirów, Koterka, Tokary, Radziwiłłówka, Holy Mountain of Grabarka, Nurzec-Stacja, Żerczyce, Milejczyce, Dasze, Kleszczele, a Topiło, as far as to Topiło.

The trail has been developed by the Podlasie Sports, Tourism and Nature Environment Protection Foundation SWT, with financial support of the Marshal’s Office of Podlasie Voivodeship in Białystok, within the framework of the project entitled “The development of an automobile tourist trail for mobile devices, promoting natural attractions of the southern part of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship”.