Orthodox Monastery Complex in Grabarka



Grabarka became famous for the miracle which happened during cholera epidemic in 1710, as a result of which a chapel was built. The first (documented) Orthodox church was built here in the years 1884-95. For many years it served as a graveyard church, and apart from the holiday of Transfiguration of Jesus Christ, other important services were celebrated here a few times per year. It was not destroyed during the 2nd World War and it became a germ of the future monastery. The date of establishment of the Monastery and commencement of construction of new buildings is 19 August 1947. It was then that during the Holiday of Transfiguration of Jesus Christ a meeting of Archbishop Tymoteusz with nun Maria Komstadius took place, as a result of which the Archbishop made a decision to establish a female monastery municipality of Saints Martha and Maria on the Holy Mountain near the town Grabarka. Maria Komstadius was appointed as the mother superior of this municipality. In 1948 the Ministry of Public Administration gave a consent for establishment of the monastery. The original Orthodox Church of Transfiguration was entirely demolished as a result of arson in 1990. After the fire, it was reconstructed and in 1998 Metropolitan Sawa consecrated the new church. Nowadays, the Holy Mountain of Grabarka is the most important place of worship for the members of the Orthodox Church in Poland.

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