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Baroque Chapel in Drohiczyn

Located at the confluence of Świętojańska and Mieszka I streets, with a statue of St. John of Nepomuk from the 18th century.


Beach by the 2nd reservoir, guarded bathing area in Siemiatycze

A place for leisure and recreation in the summer season. By the beach there are benches, a promenade, a ramp and bike stands, pier, an outdoor gym, guarded swimming area and a volleyball court.


Beach volleyball court in Siemiatycze

On a city beach by the second reservoir.


BGŻ ATM in Siemiatycze

The ATM is located next to the entrance to bank.


Branch no. 1 of Public Library in Siemiatycze

Branch of public library features variety of books, featuring field of education, sociology or psychology. Library contain more than 15 thousands volumes.


Building of High School in Siemiatycze

In 1928 the purpose of celebrate decades of recover independence of Poland, the City Council of Siemiatycze decide to build a school. Participation of the country under construction was...