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0:00 45.8 km

Bug River Settlements

The trail aims at promoting cultural values and forgotten heritage of settlements, barrows and burial grounds. Those were silent witnesses of battles, wars and past centuries. The trail was...

0:00 61.5 km

Bunker Trail

The trail begins at the PKS bus station in Wólka Nabużna and leads to the south-east through a young pine forest, at the edge of which there are graves of residents of Słochy Annopolskie killed...

0:00 60.1 km

Czeremcha – Siemiatycze Trail

The trail leads through the territory of two primeval forests - the Białowieża Forest and the Mielnik Forest. It leads through villages with historic buildings, unique places of religious worship,...

0:00 0 m

January Uprising Trail

A hiking trail, whose name refers to the great battle of the January Uprising on 6-7 February 1863. The trail begins and ends at a former synagogue - currently the Siemiatycze Cultural Center. On...

0:00 78.0 km

Merchant's Trail

MERCHANTS’ TRAIL – western part (yellow signs, length 40 km) A panoramic view of the Bug river can be seen from the starting point of the trail. On the road, we will see many shelters of...

0:00 20.2 km

Moszczona Valley Trail

It is one of the most picturesque trails of the Podlasie Voivodeship. It spreads along the Moszczona River, leading from the historic railway station in Nurzec-Stacja to the village of Olendry...

0:00 135 km

Southern Podlasie Motor Vehicle Trail

A motor vehicle trail which allows automobile users to meet the most charming and worth seeing places of the Sourthern Podlasie region. The trail begins in Drohiczyn and leads through Olendry,...

0:00 39.1 km

Trail of the Bug river

Water trail of the Bug river: Niemirów, Sutno, Wajków, Mielnik, Anusin, Wólka Nadbużna, Drohiczyn, Granne, Głody The route goes through the most interesting part of the Bug river...

0:00 2.2 km

Trasy biegowe przy zalewie nr II - blue marks

Routes prepared by urban center of sports and recreation in Siemiatycze. Running trails have been marked in the forests near big lagoon, they serve as running paths, cycle paths, ski...