Trail of the Bug river

Distance: 39.1 km

Water trail of the Bug river: Niemirów, Sutno, Wajków, Mielnik, Anusin, Wólka Nadbużna, Drohiczyn, Granne, Głody The route goes through the most interesting part of the Bug river valley called Podlaski Gorge of the Bug River, stretching from the border of Poland, Niemirów to Drohiczyn. Adorable landscapes and amazing views attract people who appreciate peace, serenity and unique nature features. Canoeing trips on the Bug river will bring you many adventures and impressions that will be remembered for a long, long time. Just think about it – could you possibly forget about a trip by canoe or a punt at the foot of the high shores with numerous towns, located there, having incredible historical past and amazing monuments?

By the end of June and the beginning of July every year, there happens to be the Promotional Canoeing Trip down the Bug river. We allow touring during stops in the most interesting locations in our region, with tour guides who will tell you more about the history of the places you visit. In the evening, after struggling with nature, you will have the occasion to sit by the fire and try local cuisine as well as let yourself be carried away by live music. For more info, visit