The Nadbużańskie Podlasie Region lies in the south-east of Poland, in the middle of the historic land of Podlasie, at the meeting point of...
Beautiful landscapes by the Bug River, unique places of religious cult and interesting sights give the Podlasie Region a charm of its own. It is...
From the remotest ages the Podlasie Nadbużańskie area has been a cultural borderland, where influences of many religions, cultures and nationalities...
Evangelic Graveyard Chapel in Siemiatycze
cmentarz wielowyznaniowy, ul. Ciechanowiecka, 17-300 Siemiatycze, Siemiatycze
Former orangery in Siemiatycze
ul. Legionów Piłsudskiego 1, 17-300 Siemiatycze, Siemiatycze
Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Mielnik
ul. Brzeska, 17-307 Mielnik, Mielnik
Orthodox Monastery Complex in Grabarka
Grabarka, 17-330 Nurzec-Stacja, Grabarka
St. Thomas Apostle Chapel in Milejczyce
ul. 3 Maja, 17-332 Milejczyce, Milejczyce
Synagogue in Milejczyce
ul. Parkowa 1, 17-332 Milejczyce, Milejczyce
Wooden Architecture Route
Bunker Trail
Trasy biegowe przy zalewie nr II - red marks
Czeremcha – Siemiatycze Trail
Moszczona Valley Trail